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What clients have to say

Charlie offered to help us organise our home that was in the final week of an 11 month renovation. Our furniture and boxes had now arrived from storage and we were sensitive of how we would merge the new with the old… hence calling a professional. 

In walked the calm and positive Charlie, with her neat basket of decluttering tools. My greatest fear was that here was someone, coming into our home, telling us to throw throw throw! 

Unfazed by the lack of space to walk around in our lounges with boxes piled high, Charlie started gently, almost with baby steps for us. This was definitely the right way as we were not ready to simply throw away items that we’d stored for months!! 

Charlie's principal was simple: To start by grouping and labelling items that belonged together. We started with 3 labels and lots of empty boxes. Keep. Throw. Charity. There was also a memories / keepsakes box…that did grow larger as the day progressed!!   

By the end of the 1st session, I couldn’t wait to book her for the next. Progress came fast and wasn’t as painful as I’d feared. In fact it was a super positive experience. 

After we had made a significant dint in finding permanent places for the items previously stored in boxes, Charlie suggested she might help with our kitchen. It was brand new…what did we need her to do!? The drawers hadn’t built up any clutter yet!  I was a little confused. However Charlie has a natural flair for seeing the bigger picture and yet it’s all in her attention to the smallest detail. She gently asked a few questions about how we live in the area, cook, eat. We thought we didn’t need to declutter this new extension space. However, at the end of our kitchen / utility day… Charlie had intelligently and instinctually rearranged all the cupboards and discovered 2 whole empty cupboards an empty drawers!!  Incredible. 

Our teenage children were involved in their rooms too! They were each given a box of memorability they could go though or keep in one box in the attic. This was brilliant! Together with Charlie’s gentle guidance and clever spacial skills, we’d found permanent homes for all their childhood treasures and their latest toys, clothes, creations and new gear.    

As I look back now I see Charlie even reorganised our book shelves, I hadn’t noticed they were untidy, until she had sorted them into subjects, height and bulk. They look so much better! 

​Since Charlie’s fantastic decluttering, my husband has now adopted Charlie’s system and even quotes her to keep our home tidy! We continue to follow her principals and now mantra: What would Charlie do?!

Anne-Marie - Twickenham

I initially had Charlie in for a five-day package to help organise my house. Charlie was brilliant. I was slightly intimidated for someone to come in and ‘judge’ the chaos of a family house but Charlie was lovely. She has a real sense of how a space works, and was good at helping me think through how we were using our space, what was working and what wasn’t. It was eye-opening how many times she would suggest something and my immediately reaction was akin to ‘oh my god, why have I never thought of doing it that way!’   

  • Making big jobs seem manageable: There were times that I would look at the chaos of our family house and despair, but Charlie was fantastic at breaking it down into more manageable jobs. This made such a difference - rather than feeling overwhelmed, I ended each day on a high of accomplishment and a sense of a job well done. 

  • I had assumed that I would need to be there throughout, but Charlie was great at talking through the job, asking a few questions, and then getting on with it. She has a really good eye for how a space works, and did an amazing job of organising it around our family life in a way that felt completely organic. 

  • Teenage bedroom. Charlie spent a day with my teenage daughter organising her bedroom, work space and bathroom. I couldn’t believe how smoothly it went. My daughter, like most teens, usually hates doing anything like tidying up, but she loved hanging out with Charlie and chatting, and between them they completely transformed the space. More importantly, my daughter has retained a sense of how cathartic it can be to have things neat and in their place, and will now say ‘I’m just going to pop upstairs and tidy for a bit’. Result!

  • Wardrobe. Charlie is a master folder! It has made such a difference having clothes and accessories organised. I notice that I’m wearing far more of my clothes, rather than just the same jeans and tops on rotation. I also notice how much more ruthless I am with giving away things I don’t wear anymore.

  • Charlie was great at helping me think about how space worked. I’d always thought our kitchen didn’t have enough storage space, but I realised that it was just wasn’t working for us in terms of the layout. Without getting rid of anything much we somehow managed to free up two large drawers! The whole space just flows better, and really works. 

  • I really noticed the difference after Charlie came. Once everywhere had a logical ‘home’ it was so much easier to keep the house tidy. This is especially important when there are kids and teenagers around! What I noticed most was how the whole family became aware of how the house ‘worked’ in a way that they hadn’t before, and were so much better at putting things away.

Charlie has now become a regular in our lives. She comes for ‘top up’ organising as and when it is needed, runs errands, undertakes small research projects, looks after the kids, and generally makes the difference between life running smoothly or grinding to a halt!  

I can’t recommend Charlie enough. She is efficient, reliable, and has a real flare for organisation. She is also just lovely to have around, which is very important when you have someone in your home. 

Caroline - Richmond

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